With Funds Approval, Main Street Redo to Wrap Up in a Month

With unanimous approval of $100,000 by Westport’s Board of Finance tonight, the Main Street renovation project including new curbing, brick sidewalks and trees should be completed within a month’s time, Public Works Director Stephen Edwards said.

“This is good news, and it will allow us to finish the project and wrap it up in a month,” Edwards said. The appropriation still needs Representative Town Meeting (RTM) approval.

The good news is that the additional money from the Capital and Non-Recurring Account is being benefit assessed by Main Street’s property owners who will reimburse the town upon completion of the project, he said.

“We had 100 percent participation,” Edwards said, adding that individual property owners have chosen how they want to enhance their frontages.

“This is private dollars, not Town of Westport dollars,” he added.

Edwards said extensive brick work was done in front of the Chase Bank, 184 Main St., including relocating trees, which he estimated would cost in the $50,000 range.

Source: http://www.westportnow.com/index.php?/v2_5/comments/with_funds_approval_main_street_redo_to_wrap_up_in_a_month/