Marpe Establishes Downtown Plan Implementation Committee For Westport

WESTPORT, Conn. -- First Selectman Jim Marpe announced that he has established the Downtown Plan Implementation Committee (Downtown PIC) for the Town of Westport.

Former co-chairs of the Downtown Steering Committee, town operations director Dewey Loselle and Melissa Kane, will serve as co-chairs of the newly established Downtown PIC.

The Downtown Master Plan was accepted and approved for implementation by the Board of Selectman at a special meeting on July 15. The new committee replaces and supersedes the former Downtown Steering Committee, whose charge was successfully accomplished with the development and delivery of the Final Downtown Master Plan. The Final Plan may be found at .

“The Downtown Steering Committee provided the vision and planning efforts which engaged and galvanized the Westport community. It culminated in the successful and widely praised Master Plan for our Downtown. I want to thank all the people who were involved and dedicated to that process,” said Marpe.

“Now, a new and exciting chapter of Westport’s Downtown improvement effort begins. The implementation of the new Downtown Plan will require a much greater involvement of Town staff than has previously been needed during the planning stages. I am pleased that some of the members of the Downtown Steering Committee will remain involved with the new committee."

"Dewey Loselle will be working closely with a variety of Town departments and will also partner with Melissa Kane to work with the many outside entities which will be involved. Melissa will also keep the public informed as we move through the process. I am grateful for their enthusiasm and commitment to the project.”

“The Downtown Master Plan will serve as a guide for the many improvements which Westporters requested. At the same time, we will seek to incorporate and retain the character and 'small town values' that many residents expressly stated were important to them,” Marpe continued.

“Completing the Plan will be a multi-year process which begins now. It may well be ongoing past my time in office. Nevertheless, I am pleased that we are on a path to create a more functional, walkable, and aesthetically pleasing downtown.”

The first meeting of the Downtown PIC will be announced shortly.