P2 - Improve and Complete Sidewalk Network

The Downtown Master Plan recommends creating a complete sidewalk network by improving existing sidewalks where they are inadequate or in need of repair,  and constructing sidewalks where they do not exist.  

  • Westport took a step closer to linking the north and south sides of town via sidewalks with September 6th 2016's RTM approval by 27 to 1 of a $147,000 appropriation. Of the amount, $44,500 would go for designs including 400 feet of five-foot wide sidewalks along Riverside Avenue, $48,500 for designs of Main Street sidewalks to Weston Road, and $54,000 for 5,100 feet of Compo Road sidewalk improvements and 1,800 feet of new sidewalk.
  • The application and designs were approved for Riverside Avenue road reconstruction and sidewalks; Main Street sidewalks from Coffee An' to Daybreak Nursery; and for sidewalks on Compo Road South from Post Road to Bridge Street. Main Street sidewalks were completed in November of 2016.  
  • In the Downtown Planning and Implementation Committee's April 2016 meeting, the members agreed to recommend that the public works department seek funding to repair and complete the sidewalk network around Veteran's Green (in front of Town Hall). The proposal, which was presented to the RTM and Board of Finance for approval at their June meetings, was approved and work should be completed in Spring 2017.   

  • In March of 2016, upon the recommendation of the DPIC, the Board of Finance and the RTM approved the appropriation of $200,000 to build sidewalks along Imperial Avenue and repair those on upper Main Street. Work on Imperial Avenue was completed in October of 2016.