PK5 - Implement Seasonal Valet Parking

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Valet parking offers the convenience of centrally-located drop-off while also increasing the amount of cars that can be parked in the selected valet lot versus self-parking. Valet parking could be implemented during peak days, seasons, and events—or it could be a more permanent solution depending on demand and utilization.

A working group has been set up to discuss sending out an RFP to valet parking companies to bring this service to Main Street shopping during the holidays. 

  • Valet parking was implemented on Main Street during peak days during the 2016 holiday shopping season. While it did not break even in its inaugural year, it received positive feedback from both merchants and residents and may be repeated.. 

PK2 - Combine and Co-Manage Public & Private Parking Lots

The Master Plan recommends combining the Elm Street/Baldwin lots with the Avery Place lot in order to improve traffic flow and improve parking accessibility.  DPIC has been involved in negotiations with the trustee of the privately owned Avery Place lot.  DPIC is optimistic that an agreement which will be satisfactory to the trustee and beneficial to the Town will be reached soon.  

PK1 - Change Parking from 1hr to 2hr Max in Downtown

Downtown stakeholders felt that the maximum time for parking should be changed from one-hour to two-hour parking, as many Downtown customers need longer than one hour for their visit.  The parking regulations were modified accordingly along Main Street in November of 2014 and their impacts were monitored.  As the change was well received by merchants and customers, the change was made permanent and the Town has since coordinated with CTDOT to expand the change to on-street spaces along Post Road.