Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the individual initiatives ratified as viable in the Master Plan; these are noted as short, mid or long term priorities.  Updates to each initiative in progress can be linked to (where available) by clicking on UPDATE.



G1. Create Entity/Position to Manage Plan Implementation ---
G2. Coordinate & Manage Maintenance of Downtown Update
P1. Implement Planned Main Street Streetscape Improvements Update
P2. Improve & Complete the Sidewalk Network throughout Downtown Update
P3. Redesign Church Lane into a "Shared Street" Update
P4. Support Improvements to Toquet Hall Update
P5. Restore and Revitalize Elm Street Update
P6. Coordinate with and Integrate Redevelopment of the West Side Riverfront ---
P7. Build a Pedestrian Bridge Crossing the Saugatuck ---
P8. Create a Westport Arts & Culture Heritage "Trail" Update
M1. Improve Pedestrian Safety at Post Road CrossingsUpdate
M2. Improve Ped. & Vehicular Safety at Post Rd Intersections thru Traffic Signal Modifications Update
M3. Improve Traffic Movements at the Route 1/33 Intersection Update
M4. Redesign Myrtle Avenue Intersections ---
M5. Improve the Wayfinding System for Motorists Update
M6. Develop Directional & Informational Signs for Pedestrians Update
M7. Support Initiatives to Access & Connect Downtown through Public Transit ---
M8. Provide Amenities for Public Transit Passengers Update
M9. Provide Bicycle Parking in Downtown Update
M10. Create a Town-Wide Bicycle Plan ---
M11. Redesign the Main Street/Elm Street Intersection ---
PK1. Change Parking from 1-Hour to 2-Hour Maximum in Downtown ---
PK2. Combine and Co-Manage Public & Private Parking Lots (Elm/Baldwin with Avery) Update
PK3. Combine and Co-Manage Public & Private Parking Lots (Gillespie Ctr. w/Old Town Hall) ---
PK4. Relocate Long-Term Parking to South of Post Road ---
PK5. Implement Seasonal Valet Parking Update
W1. Coordinate Flood Prevention Efforts with Neighboring Upstream Towns Update
W2. Continue to Implement Low Impact Development Techniques ---
W3. Replace Existing Culverts and Pipes Update
W4. Conduct Flood Audits of Downtown Commercial Properties ---
W5. Control Building Development in Downtown's Flood Hazard Zone ---


P9. Coordinate with and integrate the Library Transformation Project Update
P10. Transform Parker Harding Plaza ---
P11. Reinvent Jesup Green ---
P12. Provide Public Restrooms (either on Jesup or Parker Harding ---
P13. Redesign Taylor Place into a "Shared Street" ---
P14. Coordinate with and integrate the Relocation of the Westport Arts Center ---
P15. Coordinate with and integrate the Westport Cinema Initiative ---
P16. Create/Improve Pedestrian Passageways ---
P17. Implement/Install Standard Streetscape Elements throughout Downtown ---
M12. Create a New Street: Library Lane ---
M13. Build a Bridge to Connect to the Imperial Avenue Parking Lot ---
M14. Redesign Jesup Road ---
M15. Evaluate Implementing a Real-Time Parking Information System ---
PK6. Improve the Appearance & Safety of the Imperial Avenue Lot ---
PK7. Evaluate a Fee-Based System to Manage Parking in Certain Locations ---
PK8. Evaluate the Need for Structured Parking at Baldwin/Elm Lots ---


P18. Place a Cafe on Green ---
P19. Construct a Downtown Landing ---
P20. Create a Barge Restaurant ---
P21. Extend on Westside Riverwalk ---
PK9. Evaluate the Need for Structured Parking on Police Station Lot or Gillespie Ctr./Old Town Hall Lot ---
W5. Evaluate Strategies to Combat Tidal Events/Sea Level Rise ---