M5/M6 - Improve the Wayfinding System for Pedestrians and Motorists

A working group within DPIC discussed various ways to improve signage and wayfinding around Downtown.  The group suggested that a comprehensive and uniform wayfinding plan for all of Westport would be useful and attractive.  A RFP was developed and distributed to bid out the creation of town-wide wayfinding system (which can be implemented in phases).  Proposals are due back in mid-September and will then be evaluated. 

  • Five firms were interviewed for the project.  The firm, Merje, was awarded the work.  In January 2017, the Board of Finance approved $50,000 for the project.  Board of Selectman will review the contract next and then the work can commence.  

M8 - Provide Amenities for Public Transit Passengers

DPIC's transit working group has been in discussion with Norwalk Transit Authority regarding the funding and placement of bus shelters along Post Road in Westport.  Thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Westport Rotary to match funds available through Norwalk Transit Authority, there is a possibility of constructing up to five shelters.  The group is working with Norwalk Transit, the Westport Transit Directors, and the GBTA to find appropriate locations for the possible shelters.  

  • While three possible bus shelter locations were originally considered, only one is still viable due to various safety, right-of-way, and traffic issues. The working group is now focusing its efforts on this one location. 


M1/M2 - Post Road Crossing Improvements


The working group met with ConnDOT in late July.  While there are no state plans for any improvements in the next few years, a corridor study from Compo Road to Route 33 should be completed beforehand.  DPIC is currently waiting for WestCOG to complete the scope for the study. The Town has the authority to alter the pedestrian crossings without involving the State and repaints them annually.  

M3- Improve Traffic Movements at the Route 1/33 Intersection

A proposed text amendment, which would have improved the Route 1/33 intersection, was brought before P&Z by developer David Waldman. DPIC's co-chair, Melissa Kane, spoke in favor of the text amendment as it related to the goals of the Master Plan.  Despite support from DPIC and the First Selectman, the proposed amendment was rejected by the P&Z.