What aspects of Downtown will the Plan address?

The Plan will address the following aspects of downtown:

  • Character & Design:  visual character/form, architectural design
  • Land Use & Development:  zoning, redevelopment, preservation
  • Open Space:  parks, plazas, recreation, river access
  • Public Works:  utilities, drainage
  • Streetscapes:  sidewalks, benches, trees, lights, art
  • Traffic & Parking: cars, bikes, pedestrians, safety, transit, signs/wayfinding*

*For the first phase of the Downtown Westport Master Plan, The RBA Group conducted a comprehensive traffic and parking stud in which traffic and pedestrian counts were conducted at 25 intersections and accident data retrieved for Town roads and State highways. RBA also inventoried on- and off-street parking in the downtown area and conducted utilization counts. An existing conditions report was prepared, in addition to a future projection scenario based on approved developments in downtown.